Spider Vigor 200mm Series
VIGOR 200mm Truss Spiders are latest innovation in facade industry. Its twisted design not only gives better aesthetic but also gives extra strength to facade. Typical uses include frame-less glass walls, conservatories and canopies.To be fixed on Truss, Concrete and structure with suitable fastener.

Material Specification Grade 316 Satin Stainless Steel (CF8M)
Environment Compatibility Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
Design Compatibility Typical used for Frame less Glass walls, Canopies, Conservatories and Enclosures.
One Arm Truss Spider
SAP Code:9040821
Two Arm 90° Truss Spider
SAP Code:9040823
Two Arm 180° Truss Spider
SAP Code:9040822
Three Arm Truss Spider
SAP Code:9040824
Four Arm Truss Spider
SAP Code:9040825
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