Routel Accessories
We manufacture and supply high quality Routel & spider accessories of architectural glass system. Our range of glass spider fittings, all made up from SS 316 stainless grade forgings, finest polish or satin surfaces. We also supply technical information for installation suggestions to customers to meet their needs & designs.

Material Specification Grade 316 Satin Stainless Steel
Environment Compatibility Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use
Design Compatibility Typical used for Frame less Glass walls, Canopies, Conservatories and Enclosures.
Flat Head Bolt M12
SAP Code:9040862-9040865
Flat Head Articulated Bolt
SAP Code:9040866-9040869
Countersunk Bolt M12
SAP Code:9040870-9040873
Adjustable Truss Spider Adaptor
SAP Code:300506
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