Patch Fittings
The SPIDBOLT range of Patch Fittings, which includes a wide range of basic types and variants, enables the concept of a glass assembly that conforms your ideas of functionality. Elegant stainless steel finish (matte and polished) of patch fittings enhances aesthetics, which enhances their underlying versatility. These patch fittings are suitable for thickness of 10-12 mm glass thickness and offer a wide range of arrangements - with corner fittings at different angles, with lock fittings up or down and center.

Universal Corner Lock with Lkp And Epc,US10
SAP Code:90320670099
Top Patch Fittings PT20
SAP Code:90311070099
Bottom Patch Fitting PT10
SAP Code:90310070099
Patch Fitting For Overpanel And Sidelight PT60
SAP Code:9035765
Screw-On Fitting PT90
SAP Code:90702170099
Side Connector With Fixing Plate
SAP Code:9037121
Patch Fitting For Overpanel And Sidelight PT40
SAP Code:90314070099
Overpanel Patch Fitting PT30
SAP Code:90312070099
Pivot PT 24 With Fixing Plate
SAP Code:9037934
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